Tallinn’s kindergarten “NR 3”

Tallinn's kindergarten "NR 3"

2019 / concept / 3000 m2

Category: Education, Public

Team: Gert Guriev, Kerstin Kivila, Markus Kaasik

The standard kindergartens in Tallinn date back to the Soviet period. Most of them have now become outdated, meeting neither the health and safety regulations nor the requirements for the contemporary learning environment. The plan is to demolish all kindergartens Type No 3 and replace them with new contemporary kindergarten buildings.

The separate age group sections in the designed buildings open to the spacious south-facing terraces. All sections in the two-storey building have separate entrances at the side of the sun-exposed playground. The north-facing one-storey volume accommodates the assembly halls and administrative area.

The new standard kindergarten building has a flexible structure. The number of age group sections and layout can be pieced together according to the particular needs of the kindergarten. The calm formal language conveying a sense of openness blends smoothly into various urban space situations.