Valga Spa

Valga Spa

2019 / I prize / 800 m2

CategoryPublic, Competition

Team: Gert Guriev, Kerstin Kivila, Helina Lass, Ilmar Valdur

It’s attractive and high building volume at the intersection of Kungla and Allika street is well seen when approaching from the town’s centre and the train station. The interior of the new waterpark is revealed to the exterior through its large openings and feels inviting for passers-by. The lower building volume with saunas, baths and gym combines the spa with the existing swimming pool and sports centre.


The spa is divided into many relaxing and bathing zones. Massage showers and children slide are placed into niches creating separated but exciting caves and viewing platforms. The effective exterior brick facade is also used inside the waterpark. The walls made of sandstone colour and floors covered with dark brick material are combined with natural wood and white ceramic plates. Valga spa and waterpark is cozy and full on discoveries for families with children and elderly.
Valga is the southernmost town in Estonia located on the Estonian-Latvian border. The border separates Valga from Valka - a Latvian town located on the other side of the border. Valga and Valka create a unique territory where people cross the border on regular basis. The Twin Town’s Valga–Valka slogan is „One town, two states” which goal is to improve physical connectivity and unite both towns’ citizens.