Baltika Quarter

Baltika Quarter

2008 / Completed 2010 /

Category: Public, Retail

Team: Markus Kaasik, A. Mänd, Risto Parve, R. Poopuu, Andres Ojari, Ilmar Valdur 

Photos: Kaido Haagen

The Baltika quarter, located close to the city centre, used to house a large clothing factory. After garment manufacturing was relocated to the new edge-of-town industrial zones, the well-located factory became available for other uses. It was perfect place to develop space for creative industries which loves old factory buildings, the level of freedom afforded by such spaces, the lack of specificity and the need to adapt them to the new purpose by applying the very creativity they are intended to foster.
The Baltika quarter aspires to combine fashion, design, production and consumption. The idea of the reconstruction of the Baltika building was to open up the old introverted building, bringing activity and street life into the ground floor and create modern office spaces above it.