Murika Summerhome

Murika Summerhome

2019 / I prize / 70-100 m2

Category: Competition, Private, Residential

Team: Gert Guriev, Markus Kaasik, Siim Tiisvelt

Murika Village and the competition site are located in a picturesque landscape under pine trees by the sea. The architecture and location of the buildings consider the natural qualities of the site. All buildings with their spacious glass facades and terraces overlook either the forest or the sea depending on their exact location.

The architectural language of the residential buildings is kept as clear and simple as possible with the aim of creating an immediate connection with the surrounding nature. The façade is clear wood cladding organically blending into the forest setting. One side of the building is opened up by the glass façade as much as possible, thus blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces.
There is a covered terrace in front of the glass façade connecting the house with the sauna building. Although more closed, the back of the house is studded with smaller and larger windows affording framed views of the forest. Each building could be combined out of three types of residential houses and three types of sauna buildings of different sizes. In total, there are nine possible combined solutions.