Lidl Viljandi

Lidl Viljandi

2022 / I Prize / 2430 m2

Category: Public, Competition, Commercial

Team: Gert Guriev, Markus Kaasik, Siim Tiisvelt

The triangular site of the new Lidl supermarket in Viljandi is located along one of the main traffic arteries connecting the town center with a large residential area. Such an important site requires a prominent landmark.

The arrangement of the building within the site allows the main glass facade to be faced along Riga street, which helps to create the atmosphere of a modern urban street. The extended canopy of the building continues along the street, gathering various functions under it and helping to create a strong volumetric front in combination with the main glass facade. The rounded corner of the canopy at the end of the site creates a clear spatial landmark at the intersection, welcoming visitors from the Männimäe district afar.