Leiva 3 Residential district

Leiva 3 Residential district

2022 / III prize / 83 000 m2

Category: Competition, Residential, Planning

Team: Gert Guriev, Siim Tiisvelt, Ilmar Valdur, Anne Vingisar

The designed residential district has the potential to give a boost to the developing zone that consists of mainly industrial and office areas. The project proposes a genuinely diverse area connected to the potential green corridor that enriches the living environment.

The area is bordered on one side by the green corridor called "Pollinator Highway" (Estonian: Putukaväil) which enriches and provides new values to the 6 city districts it passes along the way. The Pollinator Highway runs along a former railway dam and today's high-voltage power line corridor. As the high-voltage power lines are being put to an underground cable, a potential for a city-wide linear park is born.

"Pollinator Highway" is a potential connector between Leiva 3 and the City Center. It provides a species-rich meadow-like natural environment, recreation, and community activity points".
The project proposes new connections and an attractive living environment. Typological change from old Õismäe districts gives more openness, attractiveness, and quality of life.
Interlaced aspects of the proposal form a well-functioning, multilayered living environment.
The proposal includes 9 apartment buildings and two parking buildings with rooftop gyms. 5 of the 9 apartment buildings are so-called "park houses" and the remaining 4 apartment buildings are "townhouses".
The townhouses with active street front (restaurants, shops) and the town square between them offer an urban environment with a water feature. However, the park buildings are in contact with the green area, encouraging exercise and an active lifestyle.